Inperspective Represses now Available via Vinylised

For a number of years, Inperspective fans have been asking if the past releases would ever get a repress on vinyl.  Let’s be honest, the second hand vinyl market for D&B has been producing some crazy prices for years but now the buying public have a way of getting the vinyl they want, and why shouldn’t they?

So we’ve linked up with Vinylised to bring you the now Infamous INP001 from Tek Unlimited, ASC’s sublime INP005 and finally, the INP008 monster from Equinox.

All three of these releases formed a vital part of what Inperspective Records was to become, obviously not taking away from any other release because they are All good in our humble opinion. However, it’s always been clear how much these tunes mean to people.

You can make a pledge for one or all of the releases, then once the target amount has been met the records are pressed and are sent to you. It’s a great idea and gives us an opportunity to focus on the future vinyl releases without neglecting the past ones.

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Thanks so much!

Inperspective Represses now Available via Vinylised
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