Dissident (Stanislav Sevostyanikhin) is a Russian electronic music artist, DJ and label owner based in St. Petersburg, releasing music both under the name Dissident and Kontext. He has an eclectic style that encompasses ‘techy post-dubstep’ sounds and classic breakbeats.

Sevostyanikhin began electronic music production in the late 1990s and formed the Drum & Bass group Dissonance, who were nationally successful in Russia. In 2001 he went solo as Dissident, releasing ‘Technecium’ feat Paul B on British label Renegade Hardware the following year. Under the pseudonym Kontext, he set out to write music without being bound by genre, showcasing the diversity and extent of Stan’s production skills and his experiments with Techno, Bass Music, IDM. Before releasing his ‘Enfilade’ EP in April 2020, he already had an impressive discography of 9 albums, a multitude of singles and EPs, releasing on labels such as Hospital, Dispatch and Offshore.