Growing up primarily on the south west side of Atlanta and Dothan, Alabama, NCQL (b. Alfred Nelson) was heavily influenced by the soulful sounds of Outkast, Goodie Mob and the like. As time progressed and he began to expose himself to other genres of music, NCQL began to explore the electronic scene. He began to dig deeper until one day through listening to Klute’s ‘Junk’ EP he became hooked on drum & bass.

During his high school senior year of 2007, he began churning out music months after being introduced to the genre. As his skills developed, he began to focus more on the drumfunk and liquid arenas of the drum and bass scene while still gathering influences from all over. This enabled him to create music with a signature edge. DJs such as Stunna and Flight have covered his music in countless sets all over the world. This recognition and constant evolution has made NCQL an artist to watch. NCQL released ‘Thinking About What I’m Not’ on Inperspective Records.