@ Silver Bullet
26th September 2015 22:30 - 04:00
This event has now passed
It is with great sadness that we have to announce that Fanu will not be appearing tonight. He was taken ill earlier in the week and has not recovered enough. We wish him s speedy recovery.

Double O has donned his cape and come to the rescue at the last minute and will be bring his Rupture sound to Technicality once again! Thanks mate!

Technicality has been a night to always bring the freshest new artists to the fore and this event will be no exception. The mighty Lynch Kingsley will be bringing his progressive, experimental, breakbeat driven half step sound from Rome to London for his debut set and this will be one for the D&B annuals. His unique style has drawn the attention of many a label, including Inperspective with a forthcoming EP on INP:Digital. Check out his music as it speaks for itself, very eloquently, we have to say.

Another Technicality debutant, Cid Poitier, will be showcasing his incredible range of musical talents at The Silver Bullet. Ok so his real name is Chris and he’s a black guy hailing from Lewisham, (an irony that hasn’t escaped Chris INP) but our bias is based on the deep dancehall-like, sometimes minimal, sometimes dubby, sometimes breaky music he’s been blowing us away with over the past six months or so. With a mind altering EP forthcoming on Translation Recordings he will, like Mr Kingsly be one to watch for the future. If the future is indeed now.

Like the musical equivalent of Statler and Waldorf, Senses & Chris Inperspective will be bringing the breakbeat pain as per. Expect the old, the new and everything in between

World class oral support as always from Blackeye, Goldenchild aka Mr Porter and Tom “The Face” Voice.