Dragons in the World
The Inperspective Records founder finally commits an EP to his beloved label after his debut track “Wednesday Evening” appeared 15 years ago. He dedicated his time to promoting and pushing the label, but a slew of releases on Fresh Trip, Immerse, Modern Urban Jazz, Cylon Recordings, Renegade, Exit Records and the recent upload of previously unreleased stuff on Spotify finally ignited his desire to get new music out again.

Chris presents 4 tracks that some of the closest people in his life have chosen and insisted that he release. Covering a myriad of styles, this release showcases the loves in Chris’s musical life.

“Dragons In the World”, the title track, and a statement of intent, a purist Jazz break laden workout that is indicative of the Inperspective Sound. It’s starts and never stops and showcases the most progressive side to his musical arsenal. Inperspective stalwart Profane insisted that this tune should see the light of day, so here we are.

“Clock Tower” was inspired by his trip to Croatia. Having heard Caibire & Dbridge back to back at Hospitality on the beach. A inebriated Chris returned home, loaded up his laptop and this tune came out. He played it the next day warming up with the Hospital Records crew and staff member Ed Priest suggested that the tune was release worthy, Diffrent Music & Med School manager Dexta echoed this sentiment. The track harks back to an earlier version of Chris’s sound, a chunky half time monster.

“Amber’s Bush” is an oldschool workout that happened quickly and fluidly. Label family member Alex Jones enthusiastic response to it when played out told Chris that this should be on this EP. A Smooth yet rugged roller that never stops once it starts. The bassline makes you think of whale sounds, put it that way!

“You Understand” is the result of a THC fuelled session with long time friend and fellow Black bespeckled jungalist, Will Miles. It’s loopy, it’s rolling and it’s what many know his style to be. A fitting end to this most welcome return.