Enfilade EP
The newest addition to the plethora of talent that can be found on Inperspective Records is the ethereal and impactful sounds of Dissident. The Russian born DJ and producer has an eclectic style encompassing ‘techy post-dubstep’ sounds and classic breakbeats which leave you feeling moved and inspired. With an already impressive discography of 9 albums, a multitude of singles and EP’s, releasing on labels such as Hospital, Dispatch and Offshore, Dissident sets to make even bigger waves with his EP, ENFILADE as an exciting addition to the Inperspective family.

Setting the tone of the EP is ECLIPSE CORRIDOR featuring the transcendental vocals of Ruth Corey. The hauntingly smooth vocal is her impressive debut onto Inperspective and really helps set an exciting introductory atmosphere for the rest of the tracks to build on. Seamlessly gliding from an almost spiritual build up into a simple yet beautiful drum and bass pattern, Dissident draws you into his world with this first track and leaves you with high expectations for the rest of the EP.

With a dynamic beat from the offset, OUVERTURE 48 takes us deeper with darker undertones and an excitingly experimental and mechanical sound which is complimented by a melancholic piano progression to guide us into the powerful, all guns blazing, drop.

The third track, HIS PAINTINGS, takes you from one world to the next with a wind chime-esque opening which elicits suspenseful feelings of something big to come. This tension builds as the drums roll in and dissonant and darker notes are introduced. In keeping with the vibe, Dissident hits you with a beautifully mystical tone in this track.

The final track of the EP, TIULPA, is the perfect finale to this other-worldly collection. The track starts with a swell of sound which lulls you into a sense of strange calm, and then rises up to the drop. The drop seems to fluctuate like a wave, rising and falling ever so slightly, with the addition of new and interesting sounds each time. This complex mix of sounds and levels has a powerful effect that leaves you in awe of its creator.

Dissident is a never restricted artist that isn’t afraid to experiment with new sounds. Everything that he creates sparks a fascination and excitement that will take you to a different corner of this universe that he has built, and open your mind to the endless possibilities of drum and bass.