Fate Worlds
12" Vinyl
Inperspective Records proudly debuts Shiken Hanzo’s inaugural full-length album titled ‘Fate Worlds’!

Shiken Hanzo is an artist not easily forgotten. His sound splices the fractious traditions of jungle with more ambient touches and this hybridisation has us incredibly excited to bring you his first full length album - ‘Fate Worlds’.

In doing so, his boundless creativity is brandished through complete artistic freedom. The result is a special blend of foreboding atmospherics and tightly-bound percussive force, an odyssey of an album which takes influences from across the jungle spectrum and twists them into a unique musical journey. Hanzo's record on label's like Samurai Music and Cylon Recordings is clearly audible, a palpable legacy that has given breadth to his current creative purpose: to make ever-evolving music with no respect for conventions or boundaries.

A thirteen-track mastery straight from the underground, ‘Fate Worlds’ constructs a complex cinematic universe - sonically rich and texturally sophisticated. Iconic tracks, such as 'Book of Soyga', are emblematic of this approach; an eerie, kick-heavy track named after an Elizabethan treatise on magic - an arcane, paranormal backdrop juxtaposed with futuristic vocal leads and technoid bassline murmurs. At the other end of the spectrum is 'Taoist Elements', a rhythmic sledgehammer built upon the shifting sands of breakbeat hypnotism and one which brings a laser-like focus on dancefloor momentum. This confidence to adapt and infuse is eminent through-out the album and results in a raw and unforgiving display of boisterous ingenuity.

A truly sensational start to 2021, ‘Fate Worlds’ demonstrates Hanzo's eclectic range and superb talent, as well as Inperspective’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of jungle - this is undeniably a great stride forward in that journey.

Written by Ryan Fearon
Mastered by A.Fruit