Tempo Rubato
12" Vinyl
Adam Baker has released Electronic music as Adred for over a decade. His rich creative family legacy, the diverse New York environment and his huge plethora of sonic taste has shaped his sound into one of the most innovative producers today.

His debut album for Inperspective is a sumptuous smorgasbord of future classics, epic dancefloor destroyers and deep, complentative rollers that were crafted by this incredible artist in the lead up and during that period when we all stayed indoors for 2 years.

“The album Tempo Rubato comes from the Italian expression "Stolen Time." Fashioned in 2020, a year that seemed to whisk away valuable moments, it mirrors the significant societal upheaval we were experiencing. Embedded within its tracks, I've shared my personal reflections and battles with the distinctive challenges of that time. Notably, you'll discover the talents of Frank Carter, Dave Owen, Chaca, Robert Manos, and Danny Rhodes, who have contributed their vocals and production to this musical exploration”

This album also showcases a world class group of collaborators. Dave Owen, Robert Manos, Frank Carter III, Chaca, Cory James and Danny Rhodes.