With a background in classical music, and having played both the Tuba and the Bass Guitar, Robin le Noir de Carlan aka Emptone really didn't have much of a choice in regards to his career. Both his parents and siblings are musicians, on top of which the school he went to in Lyon specialized in music tuition. Seems a very clear path was laid out for this incredible talent.

Emptone discovered electronic music via his love of Jamaican Dub, a feature that is heavily evident in his music making process. Where he uses a hardware multitrack desk and live fx reminiscent of his dub heroes.

"the kind of music that really changed my life is Jamaican music, especially from the 70's, which I discovered around 15. Roots and Dub led me to electronic music, sound system culture and I'm deeply convinced that Jamaica has inspired a lot of music everywhere in the world"

His music belongs to the break, bass and jungle branches, but with nods to electronica, trap, dancehall and ambient.