In Session
West London breakbeat craftsman Vinnie Smith has been a long time stalwart in the underground electronic music scene. After self teaching music production in the mid 90’s at a friends studio, Vinnie pushed on with his creative endeavors until 2001 when he was finally able to get his own set up and from that point there was very little chance of stopping this passionate, determined artist, aka Opius. Starting his own Ballpark Recordings in 2017 after working a huge list of underground labels.

With this incredibly intense diverse debut outing on Inperspective Records, Opius shows the myriad of creative aspects of his productions. Six pieces of heady, expressive drum work wonders.

The deep musical intensity of “Ascension”, Future Centurion and Dub Soldier are beautifully counterpointed by the sublime title track “In Session”, the deeply atmospheric and epic “Throwers Peace” (A track dedicated to his long time friend Paul Thrower) finishing up with the experimental, expansive and innovative “Empty” featuring the poetic vocal talents of Elizabeth Lumen.